Générateur d'image Dall_e


1-Cette application comprend sur IA une question et une réponse fournie par l'IA.

2-La réponse peut être collée dans la deuxième application, qui réalise l'image.

Ci_dessous un exemple de prompts qui peut être écrit en français, pour réaliser une page avec de nombreuses images suivant les prompts

1. **Bulletin Board in a Tennis Club** — Prompt: “Photograph of a bustling tennis club’s interior with a large, colorful bulletin board filled with announcements, tournament schedules, and candid photos of club members in action, showcasing a lively and engaged community atmosphere.” 2. **Online Forum for Digital Nomads** — Prompt: “Digital artwork visualizing an online forum dedicated to digital nomads, featuring a collage of various devices (laptops, smartphones) displaying forum threads, surrounded by iconic landmarks from around the world, representing a global community.” 3. **Hiroshima Carp’s Leapfrogging Other Teams** — Prompt: “Dynamic sports photograph capturing a symbolic moment in a baseball game where a Hiroshima Carp player is metaphorically ‘leapfrogging’ over players from another team, emphasizing agility and strategic advancement in the league.” 4. **Online Forum for Hiroshima Carp Fans** — Prompt: “Illustration of a virtual gathering of Hiroshima Carp fans in an online forum setting, with avatars wearing team colors, animatedly discussing games and players against a backdrop of a digital rendition of the team’s stadium.” 5. **Online Forum for Diabetes Patients** — Prompt: “Artistic representation of an online support forum for diabetes patients, visualized as a network of interconnected diabetic glucose meters and insulin pens, with chat bubbles containing supportive messages and tips.” 6. **Bulletin Board in a Clinic** — Prompt: “Photograph of a well-organized clinic waiting area, featuring a bulletin board covered with health tips, appointment schedules, and patient education materials about diabetes care, set in a calming and professional environment.” 7. **Early Adoption of Technology in a Clinic** — Prompt: “Digital art showcasing a futuristic clinic scene with advanced medical technology like AI-powered diagnostic tools and virtual reality patient education systems, symbolizing the clinic’s status as an early adopter of innovative healthcare solutions.” 8. **Enterprise Version of Technology in a Clinic** — Prompt: “Illustration depicting a high-tech clinic’s control room with sophisticated software interfaces, large data screens monitoring patient care, and staff efficiently using the enterprise version of medical software.” 9. **Technological Unemployment Concerns Among Clinic Staff** — Prompt: “Conceptual digital art portraying a group of clinic administrative staff in a modern office, with some looking thoughtfully at AI-powered machines doing administrative tasks, reflecting concerns about technological unemployment. Source: https://generativeai.pub/i-get-gpt-to-do-the-hardest-part-of-my-tutoring-job-half-a-year-in-jan-2024-e14cfff746bb”

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